Wellbeing Medicine-a Customized Approach for a More Vibrant You

As we grow older, it’s common to see a decline in how we function and feel, but you don’t have to accept these changes as inevitable. Optimization of the essential building blocks that impact energy, sleep, mood, weight—even your heart, brain, and gut health—can be life-changing. And we can help, with consultations that provide personalized solutions.


FemiLift is a breakthrough treatment that uses an Alma CO2 laser to deliver fractionated thermal energy to assist in vaginal mucosal revitalization. Alma Lasers is the worldwide leader of aesthetic and surgical lasers, and now its advanced technology and expertise is available to women experiencing discomfort, dryness, or incontinence due to childbirth or aging.


The internet is filled with advice for managing hormone imbalance, but you are unique and should not settle for less than a personalized care plan. We will start with a thorough evaluation of your needs, then use our 20+ years of medical experience to safely guide you through the confusing maze of hormone treatment options toward better health and quality of life.


The first Fasting Mimicking Diet developed to provide the beneficial effects of fasting in a safe and pleasant five-day dietary program, where you get to enjoy soups, bars, supplements, and more.