“It’s been a year since I received the JoyShot combined with FemiLift laser treatments. The combination of treatments has tremendously improved my quality of life. I’m feeling great! I continue to use my compounded bio-identical hormones (topical progesterone, estrogen, DHEA) – that’s it. Gone are the days of applying cortisone creams, lubricating suppositories, anti-inflammatories and lidocaine to feel comfortable. Regaining my sexual health (and my hormone balance) has rejuvenated my entire body. When I first came to you for help, I was experiencing extreme vaginal irritation and dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, and my hair was falling out. I was so uncomfortable and depleted – I thought I was completely falling apart. I didn’t know how I was going to keep up with my teenage kids – travel for work – or ever enjoy hiking, biking or traveling again. I was 47 – entering menopause and experiencing vaginal atrophy. How depressing! A year later, I can truthfully say that I’m a different person. The combination of FemiLift laser treatments, the JoyShot and finding the right balance of bio-identical hormones has allowed my body to heal and function like it did in my twenties and thirties. I’m easily aroused, my body creates its won lubrication, and there’s pleasure in my life again. Thank you for championing women’s sexual health by bringing these powerful treatments to Wisconsin!”


“I started going into menopause in my late forties and because I have a genetic blood disorder that puts me at risk for blood clots, I wasn’t a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. Hot flashes and night sweats were a definite nuisance, but nothing compared to the vaginal dryness that eventually overtook every aspect of my daily life. By the time I was in my mid-fifties, I couldn’t sit, walk or even lie in bed without some measure of discomfort. Sex was something I endured, not enjoyed. I spent the greater part of nearly every month suffering from or being treated for vaginitis. I was miserable. Finally, despite the particular risks posed to me, my doctor put me on a course of low-dose estrogen. Things improved. However, as I entered my sixties, I needed to use twice the original dose in order to achieve the same results. I began to worry what I’d do when even that failed to work and seriously contemplated asking my doctor to surgically remove my vagina. Imagine the relief I felt when I heard about the FemiLift procedure. I noticed an improvement after the first treatment. By the time I’d completed the third treatment, I was able to resume all of those activities that I’d kept on hold, including sex. I just passed my sixth-month review without complaint. Furthermore, I no longer take estrogen and appreciate not having to worry about its associated risks. The quality of my life has improved beyond all my expectations. With many thanks to Dr. Davis and her expert staff.”

S.E. W.

“I am a postmenopausal women for about 6 years now. I thought that I would never have those issues that you read about and hear about on TV. The worst symptom that I experienced was the hot flashes and insomnia. I never thought that I would get vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse or leaking urine. Well I was wrong! As the years have gone by I found myself making up excuses to avoid relations with my spouse, going to bed late or pretending to be asleep when he came to bed, jumping out first in the morning and just saying no. When we did have intercourse I would grit my teeth and bear it, feeling like I was glued shut. It was terrible and I felt bad for my husband! One Fathers Day I knew something had to change when he asked me for an only present…could we have intercourse that morning. I also always seemed to leak with sneezing, laughing and exercise. I felt that this was just part of aging. It seemed to get worse. I did not want to be wearing a pad all they time! I decided to try the FemiLift! Wow! Results the first time! Pain was diminished with intercourse, no irritation or pain afterwards and my leaking was better! I was impressed! I had no pain with the procedure at all. I couldn’t wait for the next two treatments! Well those went as smooth as the first. I have now not needed any lubricant, at all, for intercourse. Pads for leakage are not needed anymore either. My husband is happy and I am now looking forward to what he gives me for Mothers Day!”


“I am a young healthy mother of two. After having kids, I experienced stress urinary incontinence whenever my bladder was half full and I would do sports, cough or sneeze. It was very embarrassing for me and often left me with wet underpants or not participating in certain activities. My symptoms were not severe enough for me to consider a surgical vaginal repair so I opted for the FemiLift laser vaginal treatment with Dr. Joi M. Davis at AgeDefy Wisconsin. I have had three treatments. The treatments are very quick and painless. I am one month out from my treatments and I am so pleased with my results! I haven’t had urgency or incontinence accident in over three months. Thank you Joi and the staff at AgeDefy!”


“I was diagnosed with MS in 1995.  Childbirth and the MS has caused a lot of damage to my bladder.  I have had to live with the feeling of having to use the bathroom 24/7.  That sensation never went away.  I also had some incontinence medication which helps, but as I got older, it has become less effective.  After my first (FemiLift) treatment there was a 30% improvement in my bladder function.  Now 30% of the time I don’t feel like I have to use the bathroom.  My second treatment I improved by 50% and the third but 65%.  Now, 65% of the time I feel normal.  I am so grateful for this procedure.  Thank you Dr Davis”